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At Bonzi Sports, we pride ourselves on selling quality and reliable products. Our hardware is no exception. Made right here in the United States, we are proud to say that our products are not cheap imports. We know that the key to a good boat is having good hardware. If you see the name Bonzi in the product name, you can be assured that it is one of our own, both Bonzi-designed and Bonzi-produced. We stand behind our products 100% and we know you will feel the same after you give them a try.

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We are proud to offer the finest-quality drive hardware, exhaust systems (featuring one of the quietest pipes on the market!), mounting system, radio equipment, fuel/water hardware and clutch in the industry. Try our products for yourself – we are sure that you will be satisfied!
International BONZI

Drive Hardware
Mount Hardware
Clutch hardware
Exhausts Out Drives Mounts Clutch
Fuel & Water Hardware
Hulls & Hatch Covers
Fuel/Water Electronics Props/Misc. Hulls/Covers

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