Includes NGK Iridium Spark Plug and Walbro WT-813A Carburetor

Bonzi Power Package – Standard Package

From $480

Includes choice of Zenoah engine, Bonzi Mounts, Collet,
choice of Bonzi Race or Quiet Power Pipe System

Bonzi Power Package – Clutch Package

From $645

(Includes choice of Zenoah engine, Bonzi Mounts, Collet, Clutch,
Race or Quiet Power Pipe System, Water Pump)

Bonzi Complete Clutch Upgrade Kit for Proboat – Clutch Package


Includes complete clutch, Proboat adapter kit, Bonzi engine mounts and optional Proboat replacement cable

Bonzi Electronics Package


Includes Futaba 3PV 2.4 GHz FHSS, Receiver, Servos, Battery fail safe, Bonzi Radio Box, Seal Tape, Switch Harness/Charge Jack, Batteries, Bonzi Antenna Mount with clear tube, Charger

Bonzi Drive Package

$169.95 on Sale for $159.95!!!

Includes Bonzi CZ Drive, Bonzi Drive Cable Assembly, Stuffing Tube
with Teflon liner, choice of 2-blade Propeller

Bonzi Fuel Package


Includes Bonzi Fuel tank With Feed & Return Lines installed,
Bonzi Fuel Filter

Bonzi Radio Box Package


Includes Bonzi Radio Box with Servo Tray & Lid, (1)Push Rod Assembly and (2) Push Rod Seal Boots

Bonzi “Z” Package

From $1270

Includes Engine, Bonzi Mounts, Collet, Clutch, Water Pump, choice of exhaust system, CZ Out Drive system, 2- blade prop, throttle cable assembly, drive cable assembly, stainless trim tabs, stuffing tube with liner, battery fail safe, fuel filter, fuel line, water line, fuel tank with cap, water outlets, push rod seals, push rod assembly, radio box, throttle and steering servos, 8 single cell batteries, battery pack/plug, rechargeable batteries/charger, Kwik switch/charge jack, receiver, Futaba 3PV 2.4 GHz FHSS, antenna mount with clear tube, 8 oz. bottle of AMSOIL, water stand, layout diagram and owner’s manual.)(This has everything necessary to completely run a boat, minus the hull.
This package applies to all single engine boats except the 84″Classic.

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