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  Looking for an upgrade? The BZ1 adds reliability and better fuel economy to your stock engine. With two oil grooves cut into the piston, this mod helps prevent galling. This mod also includes an advanced exhaust port timing; an advanced intake timing; a flow-ported exhaust; increased compression, and additional piston clearance.

It comes with a Walbro WT-644 Carb but can be upgraded to the WT-257, WT-813A, or the WT-1048 for an additional cost.

4.5HP at 16 200 RPM (with a G260PUM)

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| BZ1 |
| BZ1 |




  Wanting an upgrade to your top end? The BZx2 has all the features of the BZ1 mod – an advanced exhaust port timing, an advanced intake timing, a flow-ported exhaust, increased compression, additional piston clearance; but also features a port matched case.

It comes with a Walbro WT-644 Carb, but can be upgraded to the WT-257, WT-813A, or the WT-1048 for an additional cost.

5.0 HP at 16 200 RPM (with a G260PUM)

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  Do you have a need for speed? The BZx4, aka the Classic BonzÍ Racing Mod, features upgrades to give you max speed and reliability. This mod includes a raised exhaust timing port; an enlarged exhaust port; a machined, lightened, and top relieved piston; two (2) oil grooves optimized for high RPM lubrication, along with increased compression.

It comes with a Walbro WT 257 Carb, BonzÍ Very Cool Water Jacket, ZeroDrag Seals, Stainless Steel Hardware Kit, Aluminum Velocity Stack, and NGK CMR7H Spark Plug.

5.5+ HP at 16 800 RPM. (with a G260PUM)

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| BZx4 |
| BZx4 |



  The myth, the mystery….But does it actually exist? Call or email us to find out!    

Recommended Configuration for Top Performance: Our modified engines will achieve top performance with our pipe systems. Specifically, the BZx4 Ultra Modified Zenoah G260PUM will achieve maximum performance with the Bonzi Race Performance Pipe. At a minimum, a quality, dry, race type (tuned) pipe is essential for all modified engines. Optimum performance will also be affected by your header pipe. For example, the Bonzi BZx4 modified Zenoah requires a much shorter pipe than a stock Zenoah engine. Be sure to follow the manufacturer’s recommended lengths for tuning for your particular pipe configuration. If you have questions, do not hesitate to ask.

Many factors will affect the performance of a modified engine. These include (but are not limited to): hull weight and type (cat, v bottom, hydro, outrigger, etc.), propellers, altitude, humidity, whether it is being run in salt or fresh water, as well your individual setup. Contact us via e-mail with any questions.

For a great deal, try the Bonzi Power Packagewhich includes a Zenoah engine, Mounts, Collet, Clutch, Water Pump and choice of the Quiet Power Tuned Pipe or Performance Race Pipe Systems. Or opt for the package without Clutch & Water Pump if you prefer!



Bonzi “Very Cool” Water Jacket


Bonzi Aluminum Velocity Stack

Walbro WT-813A Big Bore Carburetor


NGK Iridium Spark Plug

Walbro WT-257 Big Bore Carburetor


Stainless Steel Hardware Package

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