Futaba 3PV-2.4G FHSS Radio System


Futaba 603FF Receiver

Futaba R603FF Receiver


Futaba S3003 Standard Servo


Futaba R304SB Receiver


Futaba R203GF Receiver


Futaba S3151 Digital Ball Bearing Servo



Bonzi Sports Electronics Package – Futaba



HiTec HS-225MG Servo


HiTec HS755MG 1/4 Scale Servo


HiTec HS755HB 1/4 Scale Servo


Bonzi Radio Box Package


BONZI Complete Radio Box Kit
Radio Box Seal Tape


Bonzi Sports Waterproof Digital Tachometer


2500AA mAh Ni-MH Battery - Single Rechargeable

2500AA mAh Ni-MH Battery 8-Pack 9.6V Tx (with plug)


5 cell RX Battery Pack 2000mah. Ni-MH RX Battery Pack (with plug)


battery holder Dry Cell Battery

Switch harness for dry cell Switch Harness for Dry Cell Battery HolderBZ6012Switch harness for dry cell holder
Switch harness Switch Harness for Rechargeable BatteriesBZ6013Switch harness / charge jack
Magnetic Switch with Charging Jack
Magnetic Switch with Charging Jack
Magnetic Switch with Charging Jack
Receiver foam wrap Receiver Foam WrapBZ6014Receiver foam wrap
Rx Battery Foam Wrap Rx Battery Foam
BZ6015RX Foam Wrap
Water-resistant Kill Switch
BONZÍ Water-Resistant
Kill Switch
Water-Resistant Kill switch
BONZI Fail Safe BONZÍ Waterproof
Fail Safe
BZ6007Fail safe
Garmin eTrex H GPS System
Garmin eTrex H GPS
Garmin eTrex H GPS
  International BONZI
push rod assembly
Push Rod Assembly
Push Rod Assembly
Push Rod Seals (Pair)
BZ6017Push Rod seals (2)
The key to having fun while running your radio controlled boat on the water is to be able to actually run it. We offer the finest radio equipment, providing good signal, good range and long-lasting/ rechargeable power supply (batteries). We have even gone so far as to design our own radio box, which, when sealed with high-quality radio box seal tape, effectively keeps out water (some condensation is normal).We proudly offer a 10-channel Futaba radio transmitter, which has a blue LED display for easier reading on those sunny days at the lake. Don’t forget to stock up on the rechargeable batteries and a battery charger, so your day won’t be cut short.Also, our antennas are highly durable and add a final touch of beauty to the back of your boat. Choose from standard mounting or transom mounting antenna mounts, with anodized aluminum mounts and your choice of clear or colored tubing. It’s easy to personalize your boat with all the options offered.
transom-mounted antenna mountTransom Mounted Antenna Mounts with color tube
BONZÍTransom – Mounted Antenna
Clear tube

clear tube - transom mounted antenna mount
Colored tubetransom mounted antenna mount - colored tube
Antenna Mount with clear tubeAntenna Mount with clear tube
BONZÍ Antenna w/ Cap & Mount
Clear tube
Antenna - clear tube

Colored tube

Antenna Mount - Colored tube

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