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Zenoah G230RC Air-Cooled Engine

Read the Zenoah G230RC Manual (.pdf)

  • Displacement 22.5cc
  • 2.8HP @ 14,000RPM
  • 1.32 ft/lbs torque @ 10,000RPM
  • 9.2:1 Compression ratio
  • Uses premium gas @ 25:1 mixed with 2 stroke oil
  • Includes Walbro WT-603 carburetor
Zenoah G230RC Air-Cooled The Bonzi standard choice for a reliable air-cooled engine. This engine offers a 2-cycle piston valve type design, 22.5cc displacement and is highly reliable and easy to use. The Zenoah G230RC employs a recoil/pull-starter system for easy starting. Modifications available – Contact us for details and pricing.

Zenoah G230RC EngineZenoah G230RCAir-Cooled EngineBuy Now

ZENOAH G230RC engine is in stock and available for RC Boats, Cars and trucks. We also suggest the G260PUM water cooled engine for RC Boats.

Mount System for G230RC Engine
Zenoah G230RC Front Mount System Complete 230RC Air-cooled engine$54.95
Rubber dampers for G230RC - with hardware
Zenoah 230RC Rubber Vibration Dampers with Hardware 230RC Air-cooled engine$11.95
Clutch Completion kit for G230RC engine

Bonzi Zenoah G230RC Clutch Completion Kit230RC Air-cooled engine$105.95

Zenoah G230RC Crank shaft

Zenaoh G230RC Crank Shaft Crank shaft$48.95

Bore Up Kit for G230RC
Bore-up kit for Zenoah 230RC – Air-Cooled 25.4cc 230RC Air-cooled engine$99.95

Bonzi Break-In Oil (10 Oz. Bottle)Break-In Oil$9.95

zero drag seals Zero Drag Seals  300 RPM Boost!Buy Zero Drag seals$19.95/pr.
Zenoah Air Cleaner
Zenaoh Air Cleaner for G230RC Air Cleaner for Zenoah G230RC$19.95
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