BONZÍ Kill Switch

Push button switch that hooks up to your engine’s ignition coil to electronically shut the engine off. No need to modify. Very strong.

Bonzi Kill Switch
Kill switch

Walbro WT-813A
Big Bore Carb

Independent tunable high & low speed jets. Has an accelerator pump & primer bulb.

Walbro WT-813 Big Bore Carburetor for Zenoah Engines
WT-813 Big Bore Carburetor - Buy now

Walbro WT-257
Big Bore Carb

Features a larger intake volume over the stock WT-644 carb, providing more fuel & air, translating to more horsepower!

Walbro WT-257 Carb
WT-257 carb


BONZÍ Throttle Cable Assembly

Flexible cable that connects the throttle servo to the engine’s carburetor, producing smooth throttle
14″ standard, 18″ long

Throttle Cable Assembly
Standard – BZ2020
Throttle Cable Assembly - Standard
Long – BZ2021
Throttle Cable Assembly - Long

Zenoah replacement parts – View
Zenoah modifications – View

BONZÍ Adaptor Kit for 55″ Proboat Hulls – NEW!

Used to Install G260PUM with BONZÍ Mounts and Clutch into Pro Boat 55” hulls … works with Black Jack and (newer) Shockwave models

Proboat Adaptor KitBZ2537
Bonzi' Adaptor Kit for Proboat 55" Hulls

BONZÍ is proud to offer the finest quality parts and upgrades for boats that are non-BONZÍ. Did you know that we will build other manufacturers’ hulls with our parts and engines? We offer parts that are compatible with (but are not limited to) the following: Venom’s King of Shaves, Strait Jacket and Seagad, Warehouse Hobby’s Enforcer line, Aeromarine’s Boat line, Insane’s Thunderboat, Crackerbox, Mono, Catamaran and Hydro, plus many others. Let BONZÍ’s experts help you with all of your r/c boating needs!

“Looks like you came up with a great product. I have heard of nothing but problems with the stock clutch on these boats. This is going to make a world of a difference if this clutch works as good as your regular version. I have two of them and they work perfect! I think you priced them right too, less than $100 is only a few bucks more than buying a crappy stock replacement. Keep up the good work!”

Dale Pynenberg

For our ProBoat, Shockwave and BlackJack customers:

– Did you know?

BONZÍ does engine repair! We can diagnose, fix, modify, etc.
Has your engine been damaged by your stock clutch? We can help!

– You can upgrade to the WT-813A carb. It is a direct replacement.
The WT-257 can be used, but requires some additional work.

– You can upgrade to a BONZÍ Kill Switch which is strong and reliable

– You can upgrade to a BONZÍ Race Pipe System – it must be the complete system, not just the pipe.

– You can upgrade to our Teflon Seals (for the exhaust manifold)

– We offer a complete Gasket Set for the Zenoah engine – stock up!

– We offer a complete line of Zenoah parts – always a good idea to have replacement pieces while out running your boat!

– Our Quick Release Mounts do not work as a direct replacement for the Shockwave, ProBoat and BlackJack mounts.

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Experience the BONZI' commitment to qualtity

BONZÍ ProBoat Replacement
Clutch (No Shoes)



* Note – this is a replacement clutch –
it uses the existing clutch shoes on
your current setup *

The BONZÍ Proboat Replacement Clutch can

directly bolt onto:
– ProBoat 55” Blackjack
– Shockwave 55”
– Miss Lumar
– Miss Budweiser (models with a clutch)
– Any boat using the ProBoat clutch system

This all-new clutch system offers the great quality and performance of the original BONZÍ CNC Performance Clutch. It was engineered specifically to upgrade the standard clutch systems on the Proboat boats.

Reliable, strong and affordable, the BONZÍ Replacement Clutch features a double ball-bearing supported output shaft, which increases reliability, reduces vibration and makes this clutch virtually bulletproof. It also has a thread-together output shaft and a CNC-machined billet stainless steel clutch bell, along with lightweight CNC-machined aluminum housing.

BONZÍ Replacement 1/4″ Flex Cable w/Soldered Ferrule (Proboat) – NEW!

Due to inconsistencies in the Proboat drive cable, BONZÍ will not warranty the clutch shaft unless BONZÍ (Proboat) Replacement Flex Cable is purchased.

Replacement Cable for Proboat BZ5505PB
Throttle Cable Assembly - Standard
What customers are sayingBONZI SPORTS modifies and repairs Zenoah engines