We pride ourselves in paying attention to the tiniest of details – which is why we refuse to skimp on even our smallest of parts. Check out our fuel filter for example – while you may be able to fit several of these in your hand, their quality is unmatched. CNC-machined and available in seven anodized colors, these aluminum filters help keep junk out of your fuel line, allowing your engine to perform to its maximum potential!The Bonzi  line of fuel and water products are just like the rest of our products – high quality and visually appealing! Why shouldn’t the inside of your boat be as beautiful as the outside?

Performance Packages


Bonzi Fuel Filter
Fuel Filter

High-volume, machined aluminum
piece filters junk out of the fuel line.

Electronic Bilge Pump
Electronic Bilge Pump

Battery-operated, automatic pump features water sensor and automatically pumps water out of the
hull and shuts off when dry.

Gas Hand Pump
Gas Hand Pump

Hand-crank gas pump used
for filling non-quick fill tanks


Why buy a BONZI?







Bonzi Fuel TankFuel Tank$29.95
This is a high quality, fuel-sucking, lightweight 24 ounce capacity fuel tank designed to fit between 5″ stringers. Has a white vented gas cap.The measurements:
– 5″ long
– 3 5/8″ high
– 6 1/4″ at the widest point


Bonzi Aluminum Billet Gas Cap

Virtually unbreakable and available in anodized colors.



Custom-machined piece (includes nut and washer) that allows for water exit out the
side of your boat.
Custom-machined piece (includes nut) that is a sealed fitting for passing fuel or water.





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A must for clutched engines – vacuumed pump provides plenty of cooling at idle. Keeps water cycling through engine at idle, eliminating possibility of damage by overheating.
Water Pump

View diagram
Has everything you need to rebuild the Walbro WIP-10 Water Pump or the WIP-11 Water Pump.
Water Pump Rebuild Kit
This carries water out when boat is moving and seals off when the boat is sitting in water.
Installation instructions
10-32 barbbed line fitting
Resolves clearance issues with its 90 degree design. Can be used on Insulator Black, Water Jacket, and Water-cooled Exhaust Manifold.
10-32 Barbbed Line Fitting - 90 Degree

Brass “T” Fitting 
Sturdy brass t-shaped piece that is used for splitting either water or fuel line
10-32 barbbed line fitting

Sturdy plastic clamp for tying down fuel or water lines to stringers inside boat hull.
1/4" Plastic line clamp
Sturdy metal clamp for tying down fuel or water lines to stringers inside hull.
1/4" Metal Line Clamp

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