Tired of being forced to start your boat and then toss it haphazardly into the water? Why don’t you consider running a BONZÍ CNC Performance Clutch?  This fine-crafted clutch is specifically designed for boats running water-cooled Zenoah engines. With this clutch, you can idle, allowing you to place your boat in the water without it taking off before you are ready to run. In fact, all of our ready-to-run boat packages come standard with a BONZÍ Clutch.  Since our clutch is CNC manufactured, that speaks for the high quality with which it is produced.  Made from sturdy aluminum (with a stainless steel clutch bell) and available in seven stunning colors, the BONZÍ Clutch is engineered  to the highest quality standards to be last clutch you will ever need. The clutch now includes an integrated flex collet (either square or round) – whatever you prefer.We have redesigned the clutch for performance improvement! It now features an integrated collet arbor, which makes for a more compact, stronger and more stable clutch. It reduces the length of the clutch by 1/2″ – and allows for truer running! The collet arbor piece has been combined with the clutch bell bearing shaft, meaning there are less pieces that could potentially fail.Like all of our BONZÍ hardware, we offer full technical support and quality assurance. Our clutch is designed to work with everything from a stock Zenoah G231 up to the giant 2-cylinder Quickdraw 70cc, which puts out approximately 16HP!  How’s that for a high-performing clutch? 

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Clutch 2.0

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*NEW* BONZÍ Complete Clutch Upgrade Kit for Proboat

Looking to upgrade your Proboat clutch to a stronger, more reliable system?

BONZÍ has the solution. Intricately designed with world-class BONZÍ engineering, this clutch features a double ball-bearing supported output shaft, which increases reliability, reduces vibration and makes this clutch virtually bulletproof.

In addition to providing more reliability than the Proboat assembly, each of the BONZÍ clutch parts is replaceable without having to purchase a new clutch unit.

Kit Includes:

  • BONZÍ Complete Clutch [stainless steel clutch bell, two sealed hi-speed bearings, CNC-machined housing, stainless steel threaded clutch bearing shaft w/square collet insert, clutch shoe assembly and required hardware]
  • BONZÍ Adaptor Kit for Proboat
  • BONZÍ Engine Mounts [Recommended]
  • Optional BONZÍ Proboat replacement cable.



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BONZÍ 1/4″ Flex Collet

1.5″ long, 5/8″ hex OD

BZ5007 – Square $15.95
BZ5008 – Round  $15.95


BONZÍ CNC Performance
Clutch v 2.0
 w/integrated collet!
BONZÍ CNC Performance Clutch
2.5″ wide x 2.5″ high x 4″ long
Check out the Clutch diagram



Sealed Clutch Bearings (pair)
Sealed Clutch Bearings (2)

$23.95 (pair)


BONZÍ Zenoah G230RC Clutch Completion Kit 

230RC Clutch Completion Kit



BONZÍ Clutch Shoe Assembly

Clutch shoe
  Steel with 2 composite shoes & one center mounted spring.
Not for Replacement Clutch.



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