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Ignition: CDI-Type Magnetic
Displacement: 28.5cc (28mm stroke, 36mm bore)
Power: 3.5HP @13,000 RPM.
Torque: 1.23 ft-lbs (1.68 N-m) @10,000 RPM.
Timing: 30 degrees BTDC @ 8,000 RPM.
Compression Ratio: 8.9:1.DIMENSIONS
Length: 153mm
Width: 160mm
Height: 181mm
Weight: 3.5lbs (approx 1.6kg)
Starter: EZ Recoil Starter
The Zenoah G290PUM Water-Cooled engine has a 28.5cc, 3.5HP@13,000 RPM. A 2 Cycle Piston Valve Gas Marine Engine which features an all-new cylinder design with 4 x transfer ports for improved torque & high-RPM performance. The Zenoah G290PUM employs an EZ Starter recoil/pull-starter system for easy starting.

Modifications available – Contact us for details and pricing.

with WT-644 Carb

BONZI RC Boat Quick Release Mounts - Zenoah G260PUM, G290PUM, G300PUM
Bonzi 4 Point Quick Release Mounts for G290PUM


For use with G260PUM, G290PUM or G231PUM engine.
The clutch now includes an integrated flex collet (either square or round) – your choice.
Complete Crank Shaft T2075-42000 (fits Zenoah G260PUM, Zenoah G231PUM, & QD25 Marine Engines)
Designed as a direct replacement part for the Zenoah G260PUM, G231PUM, the QD25, and clone engines.
Zenoah G290PUM Bore-up Kit
Bore-up kit for Zenoah G290PUM
Bonzi Break-In Oil
(5) Oz. Bottle
Zero Drag Seals
300 RPM Boost!
Cylinder (fits Zenoah G290PUM Water-Cooled Marine Engine)
Cylinder for Zenoah G290PUM


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