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Zenoah G260PUM Engine

290 PUM

Zenoah Engine Modifications

BONZI i2 Inline Zenoah Twin Cylinder Engine

Zenoah G230RC

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Current Featured Zenoah Parts:
Bonzi 29cc “Very Cool” Water Jacket (290PUM) BZ2032v29 29cc Very Cool Water Jacket $47.95
BONZÍ 29cc Very Cool Water Jacket for Zenoah G290PUM
Zenoah Crank Shaft Bearings
Zenoah Crank Shaft Bearing Pair (231,260,290PUM/QD25) Z1155-21240 Zenoah Crank Shaft Bearing (Pair)$19.95

Bonzi “Very Cool” Water Jacket (231/260PUM) BZ2032V2 Very Cool Water Jacket $46.95
BONZI Very Cool Water Jacket for Zenoah
Zenoah G260PUM Repair Kit
Zenoah G260PUM Repair Kit X374326098 Zenoah G260PUM Repair Kit $73.95
Bonzi Sports is proudly one of the largest suppliers of Zenoah marine engines and engine parts worldwide. Zenoah is committed to challenging the future by producing the most reliable and efficient gasoline-powered engines that money can buy. Compact and lightweight with high output and low fuel consumption, these engines provide total performance! Bonzi Sports offers world-class expertise in everything Zenoah – including easy-starting, user-friendly engines along with several modification and counter-rotation options: the Zenoah air-cooled G230RC, the water-cooled G260PUM which boasts a 20% increase in horsepower compared to its predecessor. We also offer a full line of parts and the finest Zenoah tech support in the industry.

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