Hull Black, red, white or yellow gel coat. Choice of hatch cover.
Hardware Color Black, blue, lime green, orange, purple, red or silver anodized
Engine Stock Zenoah G260PUM
Mounts Bonzi 4-Point Quick-Release
Clutch Bonzi CNC Clutch with collet
Out Drive Bonzi CZ Drive with drive cable
Exhaust Bonzi Quiet Power Tuned or Performance Race Pipe System
Radio Futaba 3PV 2.4 GHz FHSS
Servo HiTec 1/4 scale steering servo and Futaba throttle servo
Batteries NiMH 5-pack, 8 single cells for TX, battery charger & charge jack
* Battery charger is 110v US. You may need to purchase a converter if this does not work where you live.
Fail safe Battery Fail safe
Trim Tabs Bonzi Stainless Trim Tabs
Propeller Prather B275 2/blade propeller
Fuel Tank Bonzi 24 oz. Fuel Tank
Radio Box Bonzi Radio Box
Antenna Bonzi Antenna Mount/black tube
Cowl Latch Push-Button Hatch Latch
Rub Rail Protects edges of boat. Black
Manual –
(,pdf) or (.doc)
Complete owner’s manual
Boat Stand White PVC water stand
Oil 1 eight oz. bottle AMSOIL – free!

Why buy a BONZÍ?

Questions? Contact Us

54″ Fountain Options– Custom Paint: from $500
– Carbon Fiber Interior
~Contact for quote~
– 3″ Driver Figure: $30
– Kill Switch: $19.95
– GPS System: $124.95
– Display Stand: $45
– Upgrade to Digital   Servos: $89.95
– Custom dashboard, throttle, steering wheel: $125
– Exhaust tip:  $19.95
– Carbon Fiber Vents:   $19.95/each
– Polished external   hardware: $75

Driver figures x3
For a realistic look to your boat, consider drivers and dashboards!



Stock Zenoah $1495
BZ1 Zenoah $1545
BZx2 Zenoah $1645
BZx4 Zenoah $1795


Length: 54″ (inches)
Depth: 8″
Beam: 13.5 ”
– Stringers: 5″ (rails)

Hull Weight: Approx. 7.5 lbs (pounds)
Max RTR Weight: Approx. 25 lbs


BONZI Break-In Oil
Custom paint is priced on a per-boat basis. Occasionally we may be less than listed price and your custom paint job may be more than listed price. Please contact us for specific pricing for intense artwork. We can do it all!


International BONZI







54″ Hulls & Hatch Covers 

– 54″ Black Canopy Hull:  $335
– 54″ Red Canopy Hull:     $335
– 54″ White Canopy Hull:  $335
– 54″ Yellow Canopy Hull: $335– 54″ Black Canopy Hatch: $45
– 54″ Red Canopy Hatch:    $45
– 54″ White Canopy Hatch: $45
– 54″ Yellow Canopy Hatch:$45
– 54″ Black Driver Hull:  $335
– 54″ Red Driver Hull:     $335
– 54″ White Driver Hull:  $335
– 54″ Yellow Driver Hull: $335
– 54″ Black Driver Hatch:  $45
– 54″ Red Driver Hatch:     $45
– 54″ White Driver Hatch:  $45
– 54″ Yellow Driver Hatch: $45

Fiberglass gel-coated hull/hatch cover with 5″ stringers (rails installed). Includes black rub rail. Our inventory varies constantly. Call for what is in stock.
















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