Tips for properly storing your boat during the winter:

For those of you who need to store your boat(s) for the winter, (not all of us can live in warm weather year-round!) there are a few steps you must take in order to properly winterize and to keep from having problems in the future.

1. Remove all fuel from tank and engine. Pump the fuel out of the tank using a pump, syphon, etc. There will be fuel left in the lines, the carb, as well as inside the engine. Generally, it’s recommended to fire the engine and let it idle until the engine quits. This will burn any unwanted fuel out of theengine and carburetor lines.

2. Remove the spark plug from the engine. Use a lightweight lubricating oil such as Marvel Mystery Oil Top Cylinder Lube. This can be purchased from most automotive stores, etc. Pour approximately an ounce of this lube into the spark plug hole. Gently pull the starting cord 7-10 times. Do it slowly so you won’t have oil flying everywhere. This will work the oil down into the engines, ring, bearings, etc, and will help keep rust from setting in. Put the spark plug back into the engine.

3. Remove the drive cable, clean, lubricate, and reinstall. Make sure that any water or rust is cleaned off.

4. Do not store rechargeable batteries with a full charge. You will want to discharge your batteries to eliminate any further future “memory” problems. You do not want to discharge completely – but you do not want to store with a full charge.

5. With a penetrating oil such as WD-40, spray any metal parts that might rust or corrode. Wipe everything down – make sure any grease or moisture is wiped off the parts.

You are now ready to store your boat!

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