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Zenoah G260PUM Water-Cooled Engine

Read and download the Zenoah G260PUM Manual (PDF)

Stock 260PUM engine counter-rotated with mounts & clutch/collet
Stock 260PUM engine with WT-257 carb
Stock 260PUM engine w/WT-813A
Stock 260PUM engine w/Mounts & Collet
Stock 260PUM engine with mounts & clutch/collet
Zenoah G260PUM
Water-Cooled Engine

• New generation 25.4cc displacement gas engine. Features an all-new cylinder design w/4 transfer ports for improved torque & high-RPM performance.

• This lightweight, compact engine has a redesigned combustion chamber & new single ring piston. Includes 644 large bore carb w/choke, water jacket, velocity stack & recoil starter complete from the factory. Factory rated at 2.89HP.

• Approaching 4HP@14,000 RPM with the BONZÍ Performance Race Pipe System.

Stock Zenoah G260PUM
Stock Engine with 644 Carb
Stock 260PUM engine
Counter-rotated stock Zenoah G260PUM
Counter-Rotated Stock Engine
Buy a counter-rotated stock 260PUM engine
Stock Zenoah G260PUM
Stock Engine with 813A Carb
Stock 260PUM engine
Zenoah G260PUM with WT-257 Carb
Stock Engine with 257 Carb

Stock 260PUM engine w/257 carb

Bonzi' Very Cool Water Jacket/cooling head “Very Cool” WaterJacket v. 2.0BZ2032V2
Very Cool Water Jacket
Stainless Steel Hardware Package for Zenoah
Upgrade to Stainless!
Stainless Steel Hardware Package for Zenoah
Complete gasket set for Zenoah G231PUM or G260PUM
Zenoah Complete Gasket Set
Complete Gasket Set - Buy now
Zenoah NGK Spark Plug
NGK Spark Plug
NGK Spark Plug
Throttle Cable Assembly
Throttle Cable Assembly
Standard – BZ2020
Throttle Cable Assembly - Standard
Long – BZ2021
Throttle Cable Assembly - Long
*Specify if for QD25*
BONZI Break-In Oil
BONZÍ Break-In Oil
(10 Oz. Bottle)
Break-In Oil
zero drag seals Zero Drag Seals  
300 RPM Boost!
Buy Zero Drag seals
Zenoah G260PUM Repair Kit Zenoah G260PUM
Repair Kit
- NEW!
Zenoah G260PUM Repair Kit
Questions? We are happy to help. Contact us 24/7 at techsupport@bonzisports.com for all your Zenoah G260PUM questions!